Accelerator programme helps businesses start 'lightning' fast

  • 02/10/2014

Applications are now open for Lightning Lab Auckland 2015, an accelerator programme for start-up enterprises hoping to attract funding.

Icehouse chief executive Andy Hamilton and 2013 participant Paula Nightingale appeared on Firstline this morning to talk about the programme.

Lightning Lab is a "slingshot" into the market, Mr Hamilton said.

"You get these people who want to start businesses and we need to support them because they go really fast, really quickly."

Accelerator programmes create jobs and wealth and give people a chance to escape corporate life to be an entrepreneur, he said.

The programme culminates in a Demo Day, where enterprises pitch their ideas to a range of investors.

Businesswoman Ms Nightingale said in her experience, the programme gave her access to an "amazing network of mentors", both in New Zealand and overseas.

Her enterprise raised $500,000 from investors to start her wine quality control product for consumers.

She advised start-ups going through the programme to practise their pitches repeatedly.

"Some people probably didn't practise as hard as they should, and it really, really pays off."

Watch the video to see the full interview

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