Auckland ANZ staff protest pay, security

  • 03/10/2014

ANZ employees in Auckland are striking over pay negotiations and work security this afternoon.

Around 40 workers and union representatives are involved in the demonstration, which is being held in the central suburb of Newmarket.

In a statement, a spokesperson for the group says the bank is trying to "undermine" its employees' job security.

"ANZ wants to reduce security so workers would only know from one month to the next which days, and start and finish times they are working.

"Workers are prepared to allow up to 20 percent of the workforce to be flexible, but that's not good enough for the bank. They want every new worker to start on the insecure work contract."

ANZ staff in Wellington also protested on Monday.

At the time, FIRST Union's Sheryl Cadman told RadioLIVE workers in Australia get at least $4000 more a year for the same jobs.

"There's two reasons Australian companies are setting up call centres in New Zealand," she said. "We almost speak Australian, and our wages are lower."

Ms Cadman said it is insulting given how much ANZ's chief executive David Hisco earns.

"[He] is the country's highest paid employee on $4.1 million a year, and we know he got a 14 percent increase last year.

An ANZ spokesman told the New Zealand Herald, Mr Hisco is also the bank's global head of commercial as well as being chief executive of its New Zealand arm.

"His salary is determined by the board, with around two-thirds being variable depending on performance against targets.

"His current salary reflects the strong performance of the New Zealand business, increasing our market share and strengthening the ANZ brand."

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source: newshub archive