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Home appliances: The best time to buy

Thursday 20 Oct 2016 10:56 a.m.

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Most of us have been there. The kitchen fridge goes kaput and suddenly we're rushing to the shops to buy a replacement. It's necessary but not the wisest move.

US retail giant Sears has found that 60 percent of home appliances are bought under duress. The outcome? We pay far more than we should.

Instead, we should be shopping for appliances as they near their end of their lifespan.  For the average fridge that can be 15 years, a washing machine - around 10.

Labour Weekend is usually a good time to go shopping, as there are plenty of sales on and bargains to be had. No matter what time of year though, it's worth a haggle.

It's not something many Kiwis enjoy doing but a bit of negotiation can often see at least 10 percent, if not more, knocked off the price.

Insider knowledge on happy haggling:

  • Do your homework on what you want so a sales person knows you're serious
  • Choose a senior staff member, if you can spot them, as they know how low they can go
  • Ask nicely, stay polite and be prepared to walk away. They might call you back
  • Shop around the end of the financial year before it's out with the old and in with the new
  • Price match, if the same appliance is available elsewhere, and tell the sales person
  • If you missed the store sale, still ask for the same discounts they had on items
  • If the price can't be reduced, ask for free delivery or free extended warranty
  • Choose the larger stores to haggle rather than smaller independent retailers

If bartering doesn't work, it's worth trying out the country's many discount centres for home appliances.  Often it's just a box they're missing, or there's tiny scratch that's hardly visible. It can save hundreds of dollars.

The time to refresh kitchen appliances is just before selling a home. Real estate agents say it can make a huge impression on prospective buyers. The recommendation is to stay clear of white.

A recent Houzz & Home survey found 75 percent of recent homeowners who have recently completed a kitchen renovation or are working on or planning one prefer stainless steel.

For comparison, 10 percent said they preferred white, 8 percent said black and 7 percent said another colour.


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