Kiwi workers under pressure to do more for less

  • 04/02/2013

A new survey has found that New Zealand employees are under increasing pressure, as employers seek to do more with less.

But the survey, by the global talent solutions company Hudson, has also found it’s not all doom and gloom in Kiwi offices.

Speaking to Firstline this morning Hudson New Zealand executive general manager Roman Rogers says that businesses are less likely to replace vacancies when people resign, instead they redistribute the work of the departing staff member to remaining workers, without offering more pay.

“There’s an increasing tension because employees have a greater sense of their contribution to the workforce, and now they’re starting to have greater expectation that they should be paid more for what they’re delivering.

“Organisations have to be very clear around where their priorities are, what are the roles they’re going to remunerate more, and who are the people within those positions that are high performing.”

Mr Rogers says that despite what people think conditions in Australia are no better than here.

“We’ve seen that Australia are now grappling with the conditions that we have been for the last two or three years, so they’re putting the brakes on quite hard, particularly around the areas of salary increases and also to repopulate the workforce in the case of resignations.”

Mr Rogers says attitudes across the Tasman are no different than here, but Kiwis have had more time to get used to it,

“We’re starting to understand more so how best to work with people and how to recognise their performance and create a positive workplace.”

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source: newshub archive

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