NZ farmers not worried about artificial milk

  • 12/07/2014

Kiwi dairy farmers say a plan to produce an artificial yeast-based milk is a bit cheesy.

United States-based firm Muufri is working on an artificial milk in an Irish laboratory which would taste just like cow-produced milk but without lactose or cholesterol.

If successful it could potentially be a competitor to New Zealand's vital dairy industry but Federated Farmers dairy chairman Andrew Hoggard says they aren't feeling worried.

"You cannot beat the real thing proven by millions of years of mammalian evolution," he said.

"The reality is that we are only just starting to grasp the natural qualities and versatility of milk. The sum of what comes out of a cow is a lot greater than its constituent parts."

Mr Hoggard said similar reports were being made in the New York Times 102 years ago but nothing came out of that and he expected the same from this venture.

"It doesn't send a shiver down to my red bands just yet. I know it takes much more than a factory and a collection of chemicals to produce that amazing health tonic we call milk."

He also called on the industry to ensure the artificial product doesn't get to use the same name as the natural one.

"Champagne has vigorously defended the use of that word and we need to do the same with milk. This stuff isn't milk and must not be called milk."


source: newshub archive