Report shows optimism in building and infrastructure

  • 03/02/2013

The latest report on New Zealand's building and infrastructure has been released today, and while the past could have been better for both industries the sectors look set for a brighter forecast.

Speaking on Firstline this morning Aecom’s managing director Dean Kimpton says the survey shows optimism all around the sector, and in all parts of the country.

“Christchurch is a very, very important part of the turn of optimism, but we’re also seeing that Auckland, as it’s gone through the amalgamation, is feeling optimism and we’re seeing across the country in the residential area the leaky buildings are having an impact on how money is being spent, and that’s resulted in optimism as well.”

Mr Kimpton says the survey – based on over 200 respondents representing $20 billion in the economy - still shows a delay in the return to pre-global financial crisis margins.

“It’s still difficult to make a dollar, and for the last 12 months that was very much the case. About 40 percent [of respondents] said their business had declined, another 40 percent said it had increased, the rest were in the middle. “

Mr Kimpton says the new-found optimism is also likely to create jobs in the industry and that the priority in investment should be in transport.

“Survey respondents think investment will be in residential or land development [and] telecommunications, but they believe the priority sits firstly in transport, and secondly in rail and water.”

Watch the video to see the full interview.

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source: newshub archive