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Talent shortage, despite high unemployment - survey

Tuesday 5 Mar 2013 9:48 a.m.

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A survey of New Zealand managers has found that four out of five report a shortage of talent, but few have special programmes to attract or retain employees.

Deloitte's Talent Edge NZ survey found the types of skills in shortest supply are critical thinking and problem-solving, management and leadership, and initiative and drive.

Deloitte partner Richard Kleinert says the shortage is prevalent right across the workforce.

"You need to strip it back a little bit more, peel back the onion, and ask what types of shortages are being experienced," says Mr Kleinert, "because it's somewhat been observed that this can be characterised as scarcity amidst plenty. The overall backdrop is still one of reasonably high unemployment. We hear stories of layoffs, retrenchments, downsizing, and yet 83 percent of organisations said they are experiencing shortages today, and they are affecting business results."

Mr Kleinert says there are shortages in the "basics".

"Critical thinking and problem-solving; management and leadership; and initiative and drive."

He says employers are doing fine in terms of remuneration and recruitment, but "need to do more in terms of engagement and focusing on different groups of employees".

Watch the video for the full interview with Richard Kleinert.

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