A history of prank calls

  • 06/12/2012

The prank call two Australian radio jocks made to Kate Middleton’s hospital follows a rich tradition of such capers involving the rich and powerful.

When it comes to the crank call for sheer ramifications you can't go past Russell Brand and Jonathon Ross's message on the answer phone of Andrew Sachs, famous for playing Manuel in Fawlty Towers, concerning Sach's granddaughter

“I said something I shouldn't have oughta like I had sex with your granddaughter,” Brand sang on the message.

Ross lost ₤1.3 million in wages and Brand resigned in disgrace.

But it was an artless bungle compared to the work of a French Canadian duo dubbed the Masked Avengers who've taken in Sarah Palin pretending to be Nicholas Sarkozy.

“I must say Governor Palin I love the documentary they made on your life hustlers Nailin Palin,” they said. “You know that my government want to give you a special trophy.”

“Well that's great it really is beautiful,” Ms Palin replied.

“Let me describe it to you it's a big stick between two big brass balls,” the avengers said.

But the greatest prank call of all time goes to a Miami DJ who duped Cuban strongman Fidel Castro.

When the gag is revealed, the 80-year-old president launches into a tirade - questioning the DJ's sexuality, whether he has testicles and finally says something unprintable about his mother.

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source: newshub archive