Behind Weta Digital's motion capture

  • 07/05/2012

By Kate Rodger

Ever since Weta Digital brought Gollum to life in Lord of the Rings, it has been the world leader in motion capture technology.

Next came King Kong, then Avatar and Rise of the Planet of the Apes.

Stephen Spielberg used it for the first time in The Adventures of Tintin.

Now I experiment with the technology, complete with skin-tight Lycra.

EXTENDED VIDEO: Kate Rodger leaps into the world of Tintin 

It's not my usual start to the day, and there was no part of my Lycra-clad body left unturned.

I feel like a science project.

After making over $400 million at the box office, The Adventures of Tintin is now on DVD and BluRay.

To celebrate, the Weta Digital team is having some fun at my expense – quite a lot of fun.

I'm being smothered in wee dots, dots which will map my body into Weta Digital's clever computers, which will in turn convert me first into a cool muscled iRobot man and then, far more disturbingly, into an overweight, under-shaved 3D goon from the Tintin movie.

Of course, a goon's life is often a short one, and it soon became clear my 3D goon time was well and truly up.

Watch the video to see all the action

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