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Bikini-clad models pose in Siberian snow

Monday 21 Jan 2013 11:22 p.m.

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Some beauty contestants want world peace, others just want men and women of all colours, creeds and religions to live in harmony.

But some brave women would probably settle for some clothes and a cup of tea.

The idea of getting sent to Siberia has never been that attractive, but that might be about to change.

Tatyana Fetisova organised a rather cold competition for aspiring young models in the snowy country.

“We understood that we don't have the sea or the ocean - we can't photograph the girls in bikinis. But we wanted to do this anyway, so we decided it would be sensational if we did it in the way that we did it today."

With that faultless logic, a beauty contest was born pitting 20 bikini-clad Russian models against one another for the title "Miss Snow Universe".

The temperature of around – 21degC did funny things to the contestants. One began pulling her own pony tail, and wouldn't stop.

Model Maria Shmelyova found her teeth chattering.

"I don't really know - are my teeth chattering because I'm nervous or because it was cold? But actually, I really liked it - it was cool. I could've stood there for longer."

Fortunately they all got to go inside for the fur coat section of the pageant. However it was too late for the winner Vladislava Verner who in the process of competing caught a head cold.

“No, probably it wasn't [because of] the swimsuit photo session. When I came my throat already hurt a little, but it didn't keep me from fighting for the Miss Snow Universe title - it's a huge title and it was very important for me, thank you."

But the good news is she'll get to vie for the title in much warmer climes when the Miss World Tourism competition gets underway in Thailand.

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