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BLOG: The X Factor NZ - Best of British

Monday 3 Jun 2013 7:19 a.m.

Fletcher Mills took on Elton John's 'Your Song' (Photo: The X Factor NZ)

Fletcher Mills took on Elton John's 'Your Song' (Photo: The X Factor NZ)

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Last night the man under pressure Fletcher Mills delivered.

Singing Elton John's 'Your Song', Fletcher gave his best performance of the whole series so far. The crowd went nuts as he hit all the right notes and displayed his piano playing skills.

While the crowd seemed to love it, the performance still wasn't enough for judge Mel Blatt who said while it was a vast improvement on previous weeks it was "much better than not very good".

Fellow judge Stan Walker came to his defence telling Fletcher to ignore the haters and internet trolls.

"Where are the haters? They are sitting at home on their computer. You are the one on stage."

Whenua Patuwai kicked off The X Factor NZ's Best of British Queen's Birthday weekend show.

Whenua showed his relative lack of knowledge about British music when he revealed he did not know who The Beatles were before this week. Despite that, he sung Queen's 'Somebody to Love' beautifully and set the standard for a night that saw all acts lift their game.

Judge Daniel Bedingfield raced on stage afterward to hug Whenua who was being given a standing ovation from what was easily the best live audience X Factor has had.

Moorhouse performed 'Every Breath You Take' on a candle lit stage, sitting on high stools and making young girls across the country swoon in traditional boy band fashion. Most in the audience were probably wondering whether rapper Puff Daddy was from Britain though, because his 1997 hit 'I'll Be Missing You' samples the The Police's 1983 hit.

Cougar comment of the night came from Mel who said "Mama's happy" following their performance.

Daniel had Cassie Henderson singing his sister Natasha's song 'Unwritten'. I thought it was a bad song choice, but the judges disagreed. Cassie appeared puffed and out of breath in parts and I thought it was her weakest performance so far.

I'd been hoping all series that one of the acts would cover the All Saints and last night GAP 5 sang their mentor's song 'Pure Shores'. Though Daniel said the All Saints did it better, the group's performance was so strong I now see them as favourites to win this competition.

A leather pants wearing Tom Batchelor performed The Beatles' 'Come Together' and Maaka Fiso showed a softer side and his piano skills performing 'The Scientist' by Coldplay.

L.O.V.E were back to prove why they should still be there. They performed Tinie Tempah's 'Pass Out' with their own New Zealand flavour in the verses. The performance should have come with a warning because of the strobing and flashing lights. My head is still hurting.

The judges said they were like new people compared to their disappointing effort last week with Savage's hit 'Swing', so it will be interesting to see what happens to them at tonight's elimination show.

Jackie Thomas appeared quite distracted by walking in her big heels when she performed a Fleetwood Mac song 'Dreams'. But the highlight of her performance was Stan Walker questioning Fleetwood Mac being British.

"Stevie Nicks. Isn't he like American?"

Benny Tipene left his guitar backstage this week. Although he claims to dance like Big Bird from Sesame Street, his performance of 'This Charming Man' was refreshing. It's not every day you hear The Smiths on the X Factor stage.

Anna Thomas closed the show and said she was going to show us "more of her naughty side". She wasn't kidding. Her performance of 'Mama Do' by Pixie Lott was by far the most R rated we have seen so far.

After the performance Mel continued the R rated theme by saying Anna was "gorgeous enough for even me to fancy you".

Tonight we see who goes home and tomorrow morning we speak to the unlucky act being sent home.

The X Factor elimination episode screens at 8pm tonight on TV3 and tomorrow morning 3news.co.nz will speak to the unlucky act who was sent home.

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