BLOG: The X Factor NZ – First live show

  • 19/05/2013

The nine best and worst things about last night's The X Factor NZ live show:

The production

From the performance sets to the overall look of the broadcast, the programme was world class. You can't tell all the TV magic is coming out of a warehouse in west Auckland!

Song choice

The song choice for Cassie Henderson was way off. A bopped-up version of 'I Want You Back' made her one of the weakest performances of the night.

Gap 5

....are amazing. I wasn't a fan at all at the start of the series, but I am a real Gap 5 fan now. Their performance of 'Hollaback Girl' last night was very entertaining and I think they will definitely be in the top five.

The Fletcher Factor

Fletcher Mills was added to the live show lineup as the wildcard. Although this announcement was accidentally tweeted by Mel Blatt, it came as no surprise as he has 'The Fletcher Factor.' He can sing and he's very good looking - the pop market would love him.

His performance last night wasn't up to standard however, so it will be interesting to see if he can survive and prove his talent next week.

Tom's mum

The background video about Tom Batchelor was very entertaining. It started with him looking like he was from Mrs Brown's Boys, shopping in a local store - but the real treat came when we met his lovely mother!

With the strongest Kiwi accent on primetime TV, Batchelor's mum was a lovely addition to the programme. It was truly like Kath and Kim


This quote from Daniel Bedingfield to Mills:

The Warm Up

Part of the experience for any live TV show audience is the warm up comedian.

Guy Williams was that guy last night. His exchanges with television legend Nigel Godfrey were hilarious, but there was a bit of awkwardness when Williams introduced Dominic Harvey as the host of X Factor rather than Dominic Bowden.

Dominic Bowden

Like him or not, this man knows how to do live television. He works that studio floor like a champion.  It's great to have him back on the box.

Nothing is certain

What I realised last night is that it's anyone's competition to win.

Cassie Henderson, Moorhouse and Fletcher Mills all performed below expectations whereas Gap 5 and Anna Wilson put on an amazing show.

The first elimination is tonight and there will be a full interview with the first contestant going home on tomorrow.

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source: newshub archive

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