BLOG: The X Factor NZ – NZ Music Month live show

  • 26/05/2013

Taye Williams may have been singing Kimbra's 'Settle Down', but the audience certainly wasn't doing anything of the sort when he took to the stage last night to open the New Zealand Music Month special of The X Factor NZ.

Williams delivered an energetic 1960s-style performance that had the crowd on their feet. Although the song wasn't as well known as some of the Kiwi classics performed last night, it didn't stop the crowd and the judges from getting behind the opening act.

Last week's bottom two survivors L.O.V.E lent their own unique style to one of New Zealand's biggest international hits, 'How Bizarre', with a bit of 'Push It' thrown in there to urban things up a bit.

British judge Mel Blatt was struggling with the New Zealand content but not when it came to L.O.V.E's performance

"I actually know this song!" she said proudly.

Tom Batchelor sang 'Slice of Heaven' with his usual staggering, swaying style of performance.

"Just for the people at home, he's not drunk or on drugs, that's just the way he is" Daniel Bedingfield explained to camera.

Thank goodness! His mother was in the audience and she would not have been impressed.

There was great banter between Bedingfield and host Dominic Bowden when Bowden was introduced as the male version of Lady Gaga.

"I read that, I also read that you are the female version of Ryan Seacrest" Bedingfield taunted.

Jackie Thomas, surrounded by floating deckchairs, sang the Goldenhorse hit 'Maybe Tomorrow'.

The judges talked about Thomas finally discovering her talent and confidence.

Blatt told her she could perform on any stage in the world, and Bedingfield said she was unstoppable now.

Whenua Patuai bathed in the river of Holly Smith's hit single and Bedingfield said he wanted to "feel the river."

Anna Wilson sang Brooke Fraser's 'Deciphering Me', prompting Blatt to ask her if she had a naughty side. Bedingfield wanted her to tell a story - maybe next week it will be a naughty story from Wilson.

Fletcher Mills sang Bic Runga's 'Sway', but was again struggling with pitch issues.  He got away with it mostly though when it came to comments from the judges. Apart from Mel.

"I'm over you babe. You're hurting my ears," she told Mills, which didn't please his fans.

Moorhouse returned to form and looked like a boyband set for the big time when they covered 'Why Does Love Do This To Me?'  They will definitely be in the top 5.

As will GAP5 after their amazing performance of current chart topper, Lorde's 'Royals'.  The performance was simple and stripped back, and their vocals were perfect.

The Stan Walker quote of the night came from Maaka Fiso's performance.

"You can SANG not just SING," Walker told Fiso after his performance of Six60's 'Don't Forget Your Roots'.

My favourite song choice of the night came from Benny Tipene, who is fast becoming one of my favourites.

Benny sang the amazing Chris Knox song 'Not Given Lightly'. The performance did take an odd turn when pyrotechnics went off in the wrong part of the song, but Tipene gets points from me for picking one of my favourite songs.

After last night's performances, it's tough to know who will go home tonight.

The elimination episode screens at 8pm tonight on TV3 and tomorrow morning will speak to the unlucky act going home tomorrow.

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source: newshub archive