BLOG: The X Factor NZ – Top 40 Week

  • 16/06/2013

The X Factor NZ kicked off its night of 'so hot right now' hits with Cassie Henderson singing 'Pompei'.  It was a performance that finally brought back the girl we saw in the early auditions.

The 14-year-old was described as having "more balls than Miley Cyrus" by Mel Blatt.

The only thing wrong with her performance was the lack of movement on stage, something the judges also picked up on.

My favourite performance of the night was from Moorhouse singing 'That Power'. The choreography, staging and pyrotechnics added to a great pop performance from the Christchurch-based boy band.

Their mentor Blatt (still recovering from her night in a corporate box at the All Blacks game last week) said she had nothing to do with any of the planning for the performance.

"I did nothing. I just told them to look good," she said.

The voice of the series, Whenua Patuwai, impressed Daniel Bedingfield who provided the quote of the night when he said: "I could hear your tears."

Blatt was less impressed by his performance of 'Impossible', saying it "lacked some crazy."

Anna Wilson hit the stage singing 'Radioactive' and wearing an outfit that looked like it was straight from the set of Catwoman.

Benny Tipene sang 'Lost'. The judges liked his increased level of emotion but Blatt was calling for more humour.

"It was so introverted. We need to see more of you and your humour, your life," she said.

Now that I'm an outed Gapster I can rave about how much I enjoy live performances by GAP5.

But Ruby Frost said their choice of song, 'Blurred Lines', was an odd one. Bedingfield said he "couldn't hear what he was listening to" – although I'm not sure what that means.

Jackie Thomas was the classiest act of the night with her performance of 'Stay', but the night closed with the least classy of moments - Tom Batchelor performing in bare feet.

"I've heard you like bush, Tom. But this is taking it too far!" Mel said.

Please wear shoes tonight Tom! 

It was a great night. If I had to pick possibilities for the bottom two, I'd go with Tom Batchelor and Anna Wilson. We will find out tonight!

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source: newshub archive

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