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Cadbury invents non-melting choclate

Tuesday 27 Nov 2012 8:12 a.m.



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By 3 News online staff

A new ‘temperature-tolerant chocolate’ that can withstand temperatures of up to 40degC will soon go on sale in hot countries including India and Brazil.

Scientists at Cadbury in the United Kingdom have created the melt-proof chocolate through a unique process in the so-called “conching” step of chocolate production, where all the ingredients are ground together.

The Daily Mail explains that during the process, sugar particles are broken down into smaller pieces. This reduces the amount of fat that covers them, making the chocolate more resistant to heat.

Cadbury says the new chocolate will stay completely solid for more than three hours in 40degC heat.

The company has no plans to sell the chocolate in the UK, which has left a bitter taste in the mouth of some British politicians.

“It seems that we do all the innovating, then they give the best of British to people overseas,” said Conservative MP Robert Halfon.

“This is incredibly disappointing. We invented this brand and now British workers are not being allowed to enjoy the chocolate of their labours. I would urge them to reconsider this and allow British people to have same rights as chocolate-eaters in other countries.”

Cadbury’s owner Kraft is dismissing concerns, saying the heat-proof chocolate won’t taste as good as its classic Dairy Milk.

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