Chris Pine convicted of drink driving

  • 16/03/2014

Hollywood actor Chris Pine signed autographs for fans on his way out of court this morning after being convicted of drink-driving.

The judge at Ashburton District Court this morning accepted Pine was remorseful, noting he pleaded guilty at the earliest opportunity and had complied with police. However his application for discharge without conviction was declined and he was disqualified from driving for six months. Pine was also ordered to pay $93 in reparations.

The actor, who played Captain James Kirk in two Star Trek reboot blockbusters, was stopped during what police say was a routine drink-driving operation near the mid-Canterbury town of Methven on March 1.

He had been in Canterbury shooting Z for Zachariah, a Hollywood science fiction film set after a nuclear war.

In court this morning, Pine's lawyer argued a conviction would be "devastating" for Pine's career, saying it would make it difficult for him to travel for work.

The court heard Pine returned a blood alcohol reading of 113mg to 100ml. He has since made a large donation to CureKids – around four times any fine the court could impose.

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source: newshub archive