Dan Aykroyd on Ghostbusters and vodka

  • 18/10/2013

Dan Aykroyd isn't here to bust ghosts; he's here to promote his own vodka brand called Crystal Head because it looks like a crystal head.

When we met he was gripping a bottle close to his chest but it was inevitable where this conversation went.

Ghostbusters was the most successful comedy of the 1980s and probably the best film ever about ghosts.

It was Aykroyd's idea because he's from a family that loves the paranormal.

"Well I guess I find it entertaining" he says.

His father Peter once wrote a history of ghosts called 'A History of Ghosts'.

When it comes to trivia Dan is a good topic.

As well as being in My Girl 1 and 2, he has webbed toes and different-coloured eyes.

And earlier this year he caused a homicide investigation when someone found polaroids from a film set and thought they showed Dan Aykroyd over a real dead body.

He also formed the Blues Brothers, with that other legend John Belushi.

Here in Auckland he met his New Zealand fans, posing for photos and riffing about his career.

"You know the favourite word of an actor? It's a wrap," he says.

But it may not be a wrap on Ghostbusters.

For years Aykroyd's talked of a new Ghostbusters film.

And it sounds like we're close. 

No, Bill Murray is still not on board - but Dan says it's happening regardless.

"Well, Billy is welcome to come in. He hasn't committed, of course we have a hole for him there and a portal for him to walk through if he wants to. We are very close now to getting it together to start casting and hiring people," he says.

Proceeding without Bill Murray?

"You don't need anyone from the first one. You don't, it's so strong without it. You get a new generation in there, new plot, use some of the particle physics, get a new Ecto, you don't need to go back to the past," he says.

A new Ghostbusters, Bill Murray or not, was enough to make Wayne smile.

And Wayne never smiles.

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source: newshub archive