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Divorce website launches in time for Valentine's Day

Monday 14 Feb 2011 5:17 p.m.

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By Jessica Rowe

As florists fretted over bouquets of roses on their busiest day of the year and couples celebrated over lunch, two entrepreneurs launched their new website Divorce Me.

 “It’s a time of year when people think about their relationships and where they are and unfortunately not everyone is in a happy relationship and some people are going through the divorce process,” says Andrew Bell from Divorce Me.

The founders say their website offers a cheaper easier option for divorce - costing around $500.

“It's around about $1,300 for the same service for a lawyer, so we cut down the cost and the time as people can fill it out at home whenever they like,” says Aaron Peru from Divorce Me.

There was mixed opinion among those out celebrating.

“I think it is a good day to do it and it is getting a lot of attention, isn't it,” says Jason Coombs

“Rather than celebrate love. Celebrate the fact that we just got all this information about how to get out of love,” says Riley Wathen.

But a Christchurch lawyer says the website is farcical and anyone can front up to a family court and pay around $180 to get a divorce.

“Whilst they claim to be cutting cost for people, you don't need lawyer’s fees. So if anything it is going to be costing them more than it needs to be,” says family lawyer Victoria Henstock.

“People can do it themselves at the family court but we offer convenience and a more detached process so people don't have to deal with each other,” says Mr Bell.

While a single rose on Valentine's Day can cost up to $40, some may ask whether the cost of love or divorce is really worth it.

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