Dolph Lundgren: 'Expendables 2 wasn't all fun'

  • 13/08/2012

Dolph Lundgren insists making The Expendables 2 wasn’t a “big party”.

The star is currently in the UK promoting his new movie, which also stars Sylvester Stallone, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Jason Statham, Bruce Willis, Liam Hemsworth, Jean-Claude Van Damme and Jet Li. With so many iconic action stars on set, the atmosphere was never dull. However, Dolph insists the cast and crew took each scene seriously.

“It’s a lot of fun hanging with those guys, for sure. But it’s a lot of work too,” the actor told UK TV show Lorraine. “You hang out with yourself trying to get some sleep, you know, because it’s a lot of work. I am close to Stallone, but you take time to relax between shots. It’s not a big party or anything, we are there to work.”

The Expendables 2 sees the stars on a quest for revenge after a member of their team is murdered.

The film features a series of high octane stunts and Dolph has recalled testing his limits while shooting one particularly daring sequence.

“In one scene I had to get on the back of a jet ski with Randy Couture, who is an MMA fighter. His adrenaline levels were a bit off for some reason and when got on the ski we had to chase the sea plane and for real, he missed a couple of turns and we ended up in the drink. It was 35 degrees in the water and we just had to get out and start again. That was kind of scary,” Dolph explained. “Normally stunt guys would do that, but we did that for real. I am glad I made it!” 

“I did most of [my stunts], yeah. That is the point of the picture, real guys do real stunts, not a lot of CGI, not a lot of wires. They are real fights.”

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source: newshub archive