Faith No More call time on reunion

  • 15/09/2010

Reunited rockers Faith No More have scrapped plans to release a new album and will split for good after a farewell concert in Chile later this year.

The group thrilled fans last summer they reteamed for a string of European dates after an 11-year hiatus.

The band even performed with original singer Chuck Mosley at a gig in San Francisco, California in April, 22 years after he walked out on the hitmakers and was replaced by Mike Patton.

Faith No More were due to return to the studio and record new material, but keyboardist Roddy Bottum reveals the reunion is coming to an end and admits plans for an album are no more.

In a series of posts on his page, Bottum writes, "It's true, we're giving Santiago what they've asked for. We're wrapping up the FNM reunited tour in Santiago, Chile on December 5!!!!"

And in an interview with Chile's website, he says, "In my opinion, recording an album was a great idea. The balance was good because we know each other well. But things were complicated - it was very strange to return after a decade.

"When we decided to get together, it was to reconnect and relive something we had in common. It was very important to us - but doing these shows was the only thing we were going to do."

source: newshub archive

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