First details on Firefly Online released

  • 12/12/2013

Kotaku's exclusive first look at Firefly Online has provided some early screenshots and artwork from the game, which is being developed by Quantum Mechanics (QMX) and was announced earlier this year at San Diego Comic Con.

Firefly Online will see players take on a ship and a crew to complete jobs in the midst of the overarching story of Joss Whedon's cult TV show, Firefly.

Speaking to Kotaku, QMX's Andy Gore said that it was "important to the studio that the developer be someone with a proven track record making successful products for Firefly. No one wants to disappoint Joss." QMX has a proven track record with science fiction collectibles, including Art Nouveau Firefly prints.

As well as completing readily available missions, players in the game will be able to create their own jobs, says Gore.

"For us, the most exciting thing is player-created "jobs" (the Firefly Online name for quests)," says Gore. "There will be a job-creation system where players will be able to craft adventures for other players to partake in. We're looking forward to seeing what people do with that system.And there will be *a lot* to do beyond quests.

"You can focus on pimping your ride, getting a new ride, hiring a crew, keeping them happy, trading, crafting, collecting swag, or just flying around the multitude of terraformed worlds of the Verse in the freeform flight simulator."

For more information, screenshots, and artwork, check out the full article on Kotaku.

source: newshub archive