George Michael's health improving

  • 27/11/2011

George Michael is “improving every day”, says his boyfriend.

The British singer was hospitalised with pneumonia while in Vienna, Austria, earlier this week. He’s been forced to postpone the rest of his Symphonica world tour after doctors advised he needs rest.

The star’s partner Fadi Fawaz has now spoken out. There have been claims George is so ill it could be fatal, which the hair stylist has dismissed.

“No. He is improving every day,” he told British newspaper The Daily Star Sunday. “There is nothing to be concerned about. He is doing fine. We are very happy. He is doing extremely well and coming back from everything. We are very pleased.”

The 48-year-old singer has been in intensive care at the AKH hospital. It’s been reported he is resting on a £500,000 bed which tilts to help his airway stay clear so he can breathe more easily.

George’s representatives have already shot down rumours he is suffering from a heart condition and Fadi has now slammed speculation he is in a coma.

“It is not true, he is improving, he is so much better,” he said. “All I can say is he is really improving, everything is going right. He is doing very well.”

Earlier this week, George’s doctors said his treatment is going well.

"George Michael has severe community acquired pneumonia and is being treated as an inpatient. His condition has stabilised and he is responding to treatment,” the doctors said in a release.

"From the current point of view, the time until recovery cannot be estimated, but he will not be able to perform the rest of the tour. Besides medical treatment, complete rest and peace and quiet are mandatory."

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source: newshub archive