Grizzly Bear end tour with down under first

  • 19/11/2012

By Jerram Watts

Radiohead once called them their favourite band - now American indie rock group Grizzly Bear are in New Zealand to finish off their latest tour.

The band haven't performed here before and frontman Ed Droste says it's nice to end their autumn tour with a first.

“It's a great ending to it because sometimes when you play the same cities over and over again it's like "Oh here we are again" so it's great to play in a place where no-one has seen you before.”

Their most recent album Shields reached number seven on the US charts, one better than their 2009 album Veckatimest.

Shields is the band's most collaborative album yet and they say it came about quite organically.

“We don’t set out and be like 'This is going to be the album we're going to make and it's going to sound like this'. It’s sort of sitting around, giving each other ideas,” says Droste.

“It's changed a lot, from record to record it's always changing and we're trying to push each other and explore different territories,” says drummer Chris Bear.

That exploration continues tomorrow when they play Wellington, before heading to Auckland on Wednesday.

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source: newshub archive