Hamilton hosts its 6th annual 'Circle Jerk' gig

  • 28/05/2010

Hamilton music fans are in for a treat this weekend, as the city hosts its sixth annual 'Circle Jerk' gig.

On Saturday night, around 15 or so bands and solo artists, all residing in or with connections to the Waikato town, will gather to play cover versions of each others' songs.

The show at Flow Bar, Victoria St, kicks off at 8.30pm sharp, and entry is $10.

The first 'Circle Jerk' was held in 2005, and was the brainchild of Mark Tupuhi of St Lucy. It ran into problems with sponsorship due to its controversial name, so adopted the alias 'Harden Up, Ow' – a pseudonym largely ignored in following years.

Confirmed – or at least rumoured – artists for this year's show are Sora Shima, Rumpus Room, Penelope The, The Shrugs, St Lucy, The Changing Same, Radio Over Moscow, The Dusk, Dick Dynamite and the Doppelgangers, Strayhound, Disco Valante, Cornerstone Roots, The Vrill and the Wasteland.

Check out the Circle Jerk Facebook page here.

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