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Kiwi musician makes new video in 3D

Monday 15 Feb 2010 5:14 p.m.

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Avatar has clearly demonstrated that 3D is the future of visual entertainment, but it's not just Hollywood's blue aliens getting the 3D treatment - now it's local musicians like Scribe and J Williams.

And the owners of the high-tech equipment even have plans for the Rugby World Cup.

J Williams is shooting his video in 3D.

The rig contains two cameras, so two images are captured and instantly displayed on screen at the same time: one red, one green. If you have 3D glasses on, you'd see it in 3D.

Scribe, who has watched Avatar 10 times, is happy to be taking part - just gutted it's not for one of his own songs.

Apart from Peter Jackson's setup, the camera being used is the only of its kind here in New Zealand, and the owners have big plans – filming the Rugby World Cup.

With projects like the new J Williams video, and 3D TVs slowly entering the market, 3D is far from alien – it has landed here, in New Zealand.

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