Lloyd questioned by police in Auckland after assault

  • 15/02/2012

By Jay-Jay Feeney and Michael Kooge

American RnB singer Lloyd was questioned by police while he was here in New Zealand two weeks ago after a vicious attack, according to reports.

The 'Dedication to my Ex' hitmaker, real name is Lloyd Polite Jr, and his posse reportedly got into a fight, putting a man in hospital.

According to the New Zealand Herald, Lloyd and his entourage were at a park in the Auckland suburb of St Heliers at around 7pm on February 1, where a witness says they were harassing a couple for drugs. Things escalated and the group of guys allegedly punched and kicked the man before punching his girlfriend in the face.

A young father who was nearby watching his kids play at the playground tried to intervene to calm the situation, but he was allegedly hit from Lloyd's bodyguard - leaving him lying on the ground unconscious.

That man woke up in hospital and had no recollection of the attack or even his own birthday.

The witness described the incident as an 'LA gang-style brawl'.

Police questioned Lloyd and his entourage shortly afterwards, but it wasn't clear who 'threw the first hit' and victims didn't want to press any charges, so the group were free to go and carry on with their planned flight back to the US.

A police source said the victim wasn't suggesting Lloyd hit him, but possibly his bodyguard.


source: newshub archive