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Marc Jacobs planning plus size range

Tuesday 3 Aug 2010 8:38 p.m.

Marc Jacobs (Reuters)

Marc Jacobs (Reuters)

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Marc Jacobs is planning to release a range of plus size clothes.

The fashion house currently only sells its collections in smaller sizes but is working on expanding its range to include garments for fuller-figured women. Marc's business partner Robert Duffy is concerned by the pressure put on women to be thin, and hopes stocking bigger sizes will show them it is OK to be bigger.

"Interest in Plus sizes? Women are dying for fashion. Need to get the message out. We gotta do larger sizes. I'm with you. As soon as I get back to NY. I'm on it! It will take me about a year. But stay with us (sic)," Robert wrote on the Marc Jacobs twitter page.

Robert then asked his fans on the social networking site to help him come up with a more flattering name for larger garments. He thinks the term 'plus size' is outdated, but has no idea what to replace it with.

"I don't like the phrase Plus Sizes. Any suggestions?" he wrote.

Robert also revealed a secret about his husband, whom he married earlier this year in a lavish ceremony complete with naked ushers. Robert met his Paraguayan partner on an exclusive dating website, and has advised other lonely people to try to find love online.

"I met my husband at a dating service. I never told anyone. But, Marc and my asst. Best thing I ever did. Good luck. It works. Get a good one (sic)," Robert wrote.

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