Mass Effect 3 gay subplot causes outcry

  • 10/04/2012

By David Farrier

In days of yore, parents were worried that that violence in videogames would turn their children into stone cold killers.

Now there's a new worry for parents: videogames turning their children gay.

In Mass Effect 3, the final title in EA’s hugely popular sci-fi role-playing trilogy, players have the option of embarking on a homosexual male sub-plot.

In the previous two Mass Effect games past there's been the opportunity for romance between a man and woman, a man and an alien, an alien and woman and a woman with another woman. None were as controversial as a male Commander Shepard cuddling and kissing another man.

You'd think we live in a liberal 2012, but judging by YouTube comments and an outcry on various gamer forums, there's horror not only from parents, but from the gaming community itself.

"I puked - that's just wrong and disgusting,” says one commenter.

“Gay stuff should not be shown in video games, it’s not normal,” says another.

“If it would be normal then homosexuals would get pregnant. What’s next? Sex with children or animals? GTFO with this shit.”

Meanwhile, gay rights groups are championing the optional gay story arc, which if embarked on takes approximately 10 minutes to complete in Mass Effect 3’s total gameplay period of around 30 hours.

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source: newshub archive