Naked and Famous album set for August release

  • 16/06/2010

By Tim Lambourne

The Naked and Famous’ new song has debuted at number one on the New Zealand charts.

That’s something no other Kiwi band could do in the last three years.

Having released two EPs, the Auckland outfit are now working hard on their debut album to try and capitalize on their success.

Thom Powers and Alisa Xayalith are the creative force behind the five-piece band.

They met while studying at Auckland’s music school MAINZ, but decided instead to find their own way in the business.

“Yeah, Thom and I both dropped out,” Alisa says.

The band says they knew ‘Young Blood’ was going to be something special early on.

“We kinda didn’t do any edits or anything like that,” says Thom.

“It was what it was, and it was like, ‘Great, this is gonna be our single’. We kinda knew it from the initial template.”

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The video clip was made by Auckland duo Special Problems.

To give it that global appeal, they enlisted the help of their friends overseas.

“I know it was filmed in Sydney and the UK, Los Angeles,” they pair told Nightline.

But with success come the comparisons – the Naked and Famous have been likened to American Indy Pop heroes Passion Pit and MGMT.

“On one hand it’s kind of flattering, it’s nice to be seen alongside things that aren’t… making us kind of New Zealand,” says Thom.

“It’s nice to be seen in a different light. But it’s also frustrating that some people can only hear things on a surface level and miss out on all the intricacies.”

The new album by the Naked and Famous drops at the end of August.

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