Nice guy Groban shows dark side

  • 11/04/2013

Pop-opera singer Josh Groban is the kind of artist your mother would love, but don't be fooled – he's a bad man.

Groban plays his first ever New Zealand show in Auckland tomorrow night, and he warns there might be some nudity involved.

Groban hadn't even been in the country for 24 hours when he had to explain himself after tweeting he'd eaten a kiwi.

"I got a fruit bowl in my room and there was a kiwifruit in there, but in the States we just call it kiwi, you know," he explains.

"So I kinda had to do some damage control, 'cause unfortunately thousands of fans thought that I'd actually devoured one of your endangered birds or one of your locals. I'm not a cannibal, I'm not a horrible human being, I was just hungry for a little bit of fruit."

And it's that nice guy image and velvety voice that makes women the world over go crazy for him. He's sold over 25 million albums and says not taking himself too seriously is part of his success.

"My shows are kinda like those all-inclusive shows in Jamaica where there are sections in the audience where you can decide to sit nude or you can just observe," he says.

"It's so funny doing this with you cause I'll just say the most creeptastic things and you'll just sit there and go [nods] ... There's no breaking you."

Groban says he has plans to collaborate with two of our own – Flight of the Conchords duo Bret McKenzie and Jemaine Clement.

"The thing that we're collaborating on is a top secret cameo for something that we're working on that's going to be released sometime next year," he says.

Groban says he's enjoyed having a wee look around here ahead of his show at Auckland's Vector Arena tomorrow night, and he has no regrets about the kiwifruit scandal.

"It was delicious. I'll eat kiwis until I leave. I'll take kiwis home with me and eat them at home, I don't even care."

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source: newshub archive