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Nintendo Wii 2 specs leaked - report

Tuesday 31 May 2011 12:40 p.m.

Nintendo will be officially releasing more information on their new console at E3 next week

Nintendo will be officially releasing more information on their new console at E3 next week

We know it's coming. Nintendo confirmed it.

We know it's going to be at E3, they gave the nod to that too.

We've been told that it's powerful, with insiders stating: "Nintendo is doing this one right" and that the machine is "competitively specced".

But just how powerful will it prove to be?  Until the device is sitting in big piles the back room of some unscrupulous eBay profiteering scumbag, while people queue outside stores hoping (in vain) to get their hands on one, the details are relatively open to speculation. Or, better yet, people searching for their 15 minutes in the spotlight could make up any old stuff and hope that people carry it as fact.

Is that what's happening here?  Or have My Nintendo News, a wordpress blog, got the drop on everyone by leaking specs for the upcoming console?

If true, the numbers suggest an extremely powerful console, far more so than anything else on the market (if not quite a generational leap ahead). The numbers (repeated below), for those of you who aren't gearheads, seem to eclipse the PS3 and Xbox 360 in all important respects, suggesting a machine which will be capable of monumental feats - it wouldn't be outlandish to imagine that a machine so equipped could actually pull off a good looking, fast moving game at 1080p for example (something beyond the capability of current consoles).

So is it true or the delusions of a fame-mad fanboy, hoping to steal some of the spotlight ahead of the system's reveal next week?

Decide for yourself:

Nintendo Wii 2 specs - report


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