Psy trots out 'Gangnam Style' for new president

Tuesday 26 Feb 2013 6:44 a.m.

Psy (Reuters)

Psy (Reuters)

Rapper Psy headlined the inauguration ceremony of South Korea's first female president on Monday.

The 'Gangnam Style' hitmaker took to the stage in front of Seoul's National Assembly to celebrate Park Geun-hye's victory.

Psy performed his cult hit, and encouraged the crowd to participate in the track's famous dance routine.

He said, "I know this is a very formal event, but if you could please stand up and join me for the horse dance, it would be great."

Speaking about Geun-hye's victory, Psy added, "Last year, 'Gangnam Style' allowed me to experience something of a miracle. As a Korean citizen, I sincerely wish that, with the beginning of a new administration, everyone can have their own miracle and luck."

President Geun-hye succeeded Lee Myung-bak, of the same Saenuri Party, who stepped down after a five-year term.

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