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Psy's 'Gentleman', follow-up to 'Gangnam Style', released

Friday 12 Apr 2013 1:05 p.m.

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'Gangnam Style' fans, rejoice - Psy's new single, 'Gentleman', has hit the internet early.

The new track is an electropop tune very reminiscent of the track that made Psy an international superstar. It's primary hook is "I'm a mother-father gentleman!"

It remains to be seen whether that will prove as catchy as "Hey, sexy lady! Oppa Gangnam Style!"

'Gangnam Style' became popular largely because of its record-breaking music video, in which Psy showed off the wacky 'Gangnam Style' dance.

Regarding the 'Gentleman' dance, yet to be unveiled, Psy says: "All Koreans know this dance - but [people in] other countries haven't seen it."

Psy is expected to debut the new video over the weekend during a live YouTube-broadcast concert at Seoul World Cup Stadium.

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