Show Me Shorts festival gets Oscar accreditation

  • 03/12/2012

New Zealand short film festival Show Me Shorts has been given Academy Awards accreditation.

The winner of the Best Film award at the Show Me Shorts Film Festival each year will now qualify for consideration in one of the short film categories at the Oscars.

Festival Director is delighted with the confirmation,

“The Academy has very strict guidelines and criteria for qualifying festivals,” says Show Me Shorts director Gina Dellabarca.

“Gaining this accreditation has been a major goal of Show Me Shorts and marks a milestone in the Festival’s evolution.

“We have always been champions of New Zealand short films, and are thrilled to now offer the opportunity to compete for an Oscar. It is not only a boost to the local film industry, but will help us continue to source top international short films for local audiences.”

The first short film to qualify for entry to the Academy Awards is Night Shift, which won the 2012 Show Me Shorts Best Film award last month.

Due to the timing of the festival, Night Shift cannot be entered in the next Oscars and must wait until the 2014 Oscars to find out if it has been shortlisted.

“It is such exciting news,” says Night Shift writer/director Zia Mandviwalla.

“While this opens a whole host of opportunities for Night Shift it also raises the profile of Show Me Shorts in local and international arenas, which is so well deserved given what a great festival this is. New Zealand short films are made to such an exceptionally high standard and it feels so fitting for us to now have a local short film festival that gives our pool of talented filmmakers a shot at the Academy Awards.”

Show Me Shorts screens in New Zealand cinemas every November. Entries for the 2013 Festival will open in March.

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source: newshub archive