Sneak peek at groundbreaking Hobbit production

  • 15/04/2011

By Rachel Tiffen

Sir Peter Jackson has the movie industry abuzz with excitement over an internet video of the making of The Hobbit.

In his first Facebook diary video, Sir Peter takes fans on a virtual tour of the sets from Elron's chambers to Narsil.

We also get a sneak-peek of the goblin tunnels below Misty Mountains, where Bilbo experiences an infamous encounter.

Props and wardrobe items weree also shown, however the secret stuff is still blurred.

However this time around, Bag End won't look exactly as it did in the Lord of the Rings.

In a world-first, the Hobbit films are being shot at 48 frames per second - twice the speed of every movie that's been made since the 1920s. This means the picture will be more lifelike and lose the traditional flicker of film.

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source: newshub archive

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