Street art documentary bringing light to the craft

  • 01/02/2012

By Jenny Suo

Street artists are used to getting a bad rap, but it's a movement that's fast developing in New Zealand.

Now one artist is getting behind the camera in an effort to shed light on what he feels is a misunderstood art form.

“It's amazing when you chuck some paint on a wall and how it really changes the atmosphere or vibe of it. I can create a communal hub and its cool to see how people react to it,” says street artist Cinzah Merkins – or "Seekayem"

He has been creating art for six years When he's not working as an illustrator or with his family, he's on the streets.

“It's just freedom of expression, being about to work big, and tell a story or tell a message,” he says.

His work is legal. He's either commissioned to do it, or he get's permission from local businesses. He says there's no other way to paint in this country.

“We're not really allowed to paint anywhere, there used to be some legal walls that had some pretty big artists who came and did their thing. They came from all over the world and they've been painted over by the council,” he says.

Now Merkins is co-producing a documentary on the New Zealand scene called Dregs. He wants to shed light on the art form and the talent involved

“There are a lot of extremely talented artists in New Zealand and they really deserve the recognition for the work that they do so it just helps put them out there and promote the artist as well,” he says.

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source: newshub archive