Swedish metallers Ghost plan new album

  • 18/01/2014

Swedish metal band Ghost have made their live debut in New Zealand thanks to the Big Day Out.

The band has become critically acclaimed for both its music and the theatrical nature of their live performance. Forming in Linköping in 2008, the band consists of Papa Emeritus II and five Nameless Ghouls.

Papa doesn't do interviews, so 3 News spoke instead to one of the nameless ghouls.

"We are going to tour most of the year. But we have longer breaks between the tours now. So on the road, but especially off the road, we are currently writing. So we are touring until September, which will lead us into the recording of the album in fall."

The nameless ghoul wouldn't give any details away, but said he is happy to be playing in New Zealand.

The band loosely models their look and lyrics around an anti-Christian motif, their appearance poking fun particularly at the Catholic Church.

"The critique is very much serious. Obviously we do it tongue-in-cheek, but it has the relevance even today, even though in most Western countries, the very modern ones, we always assume linear belief is something that is beneath us, but that is not true.

"I am not saying everything should be destroyed and pulverised, just that it's a very healthy to be aware of our history."

3 News

source: newshub archive

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