Ten things we learnt about Ed Sheeran on his visit

  • 02/05/2014

British singer Ed Sheeran visited New Zealand this week and took over The Edge radio station for an hour on Thursday evening.

The ginger heart-throb was in Auckland to perform a free iHeartRadio concert to a crowd of fans lucky enough to win tickets.

He entered The Edge studio to a group of fans singing his breakout single 'The A Team'.

You can watch Ed Sheeran's full takeover on theedge.co.nz, but there are 10 standout things we learned about him:

His eyebrows are see-through
This isn't exactly new information, but it was perhaps the first time Sheeran has openly spoken about his translucent eyebrow problem."The struggle is real. That’s why I grow my hair, so it looks like I have some."

He has three cats
Stanley, Sookie and Graham are strays that wandered into Ed's home and just stayed there."All three are strays. Graham started off as a kitten, but Stanley and Sookie came in mid-life crisis and turned up at our house"

He is slightly obsessed with Nandos
He admits that he likes Burger King and thinks the Big Mac wins on the fast food burger level. But his eyes widen when someone brings up Nandos. His ideal choice of spice level in his Peri Peri sauce is medium as he likes to avoid the dreaded next day "ring-sting". Wet wipes, he says, are the best weapon against the ring of fire.

In tune with Kiwi culture
Ed performed his single 'I See Fire' against the wishes of his management, who wanted a newer song."Because I am in the land of the Lord of the Rings I was going to perform the song I wrote for The Hobbit."

He is able to silence a room with his music abilities
Fans and staff stood in awe as he performed three songs throughout the interview. As well as 'I See Fire' he performed a new song 'Tenerife Sea' from his upcoming album X. He also taught himself how to play Lorde's Grammy winning song Royals during a two-minute-and-25-second song break.

His fans are hardcore
Many of his followers refer to themselves as 'sheerios' and one die-hard fan in the studio desperately wanted to show off her Ed Sheeran paw print tattoo - located on her bottom. He politely declined and said because they were being filmed it might not be appropriate.

Not ok with Ginger Jesus nickname
Considering how big the young singer has become he still remains humble."I hear echoes of the Beatles career when John Lennon said they were bigger than Jesus. My dad always said, 'when you get into music avoid religion, politics, money and you'll be good.'"

Sadly girls, he has a girlfriend
"She is just a regular girl… she keeps me very grounded." However, unfortunately for him, she is immune to the charm of his songs and playing his way out of an argument doesn't work.

He does a very good impersonation of Pharrell Williams
At 26:24 he talks about his experience of working with the 'Happy' singer. Well worth a watch.

Kiwis will be first to hear his latest album
His highly anticipated second album X is due to be released on June 20, a few days before the worldwide release. One of his favourite songs on the new album is 'Thinking Out Loud'. "It’s the last song I wrote for the album, but it’s the one I'd pinned as the 'walking down the aisle' song."

He is a genuinely awesome guy
Not only does this guy seem modest, but he is down to earth and seriously talented.

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