The art of 'twerking'

  • 27/08/2013

Miley Cyrus' "twerking" at yesterday's VMA's has caused quite a stir with celebs and on the social networks, but where does the phenomenon come from?

The movement is the kind of dance floor carry-on that would cause frowns at even the most lowbrow of establishments; at one point following yesterday's performance more than 300,000 tweets were posted per minute about the act – with most of the comments pretty harsh on Cyrus.

Actress Brooke Shields, who played the singer's mother in the Hannah Montana show, called the performance "a bit desperate", though the performance has inspired the reworking of classic paintings, including the 'Mona Lisa', 'The Scream', and 'The Last Supper'.

And Cyrus is not the only one who likes a good twerk - pro surfer Anastacia Ashley does it to warm up, and New Zealand's very own Savage wrote a whole song about it.

Shaking butts to music isn't new - Wrekcx n' Effect's 1992 single 'Rump Shaker' had plenty of it - but what is new is the speed at which the modern twerk is done at, it's more spasm than shake.

And while Cyrus is being criticised for showing too much, it could have been a lot worse - see Lady's 'Twerk' video for a greater understanding.

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source: newshub archive