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The AYEBRO NZ Hip Hop top 5 - January 28, 2012

Thursday 24 Jan 2013 1:52 p.m.

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Chosen by Nick Harrison
Written by Leon Witehira

True - 'Trueluminati'
Silverback Gangs newest recruit drops heavy in the deep end proving his buoyancy on the scene. Rhymes schemes and mutli-syllable patterns smash out the gate until the finishing tape on this one making it seem like a single breathed rush of verbal barrage. Crisp vocals aren't lost on the coherent either, it’s ill-avoidable. Press play and rotate the volume control clock wise a few ticks.

Raiza Biza - 'They Told Me' 
Raiza ranks again with a sound that's becoming hard to suppress. That jazzy feel rebounds off the metronome kicks and the words insert with righteousness meaning. A cool, calm and collected track reflecting on what gets said and put in to action. It has a comforting catch about it as he evens out things from a net of out-casting to the past that balances out now. Listen and enjoy.

Kenzie From Welly - 'White Lies' 

That 06' form shines through in this femcee's artistry. HeapRize provides the canvas for Kenzie to go all self-expresso on. She manages to separate from that monotone groove and gives me a splash of early nineties lady pioneers of the genre. A reminder that staying real to ones being is the only safe way to live with what cons outweigh the pros of white lies. Addictive after a few spins.

Dialekt feat. X.Y Latu and Yuni Wilson - 'The Art Of Drive' 
Dialekt, Australian born (with roots pertaining back to NZ) drops a single from its namesake album both aptly titled The Art Of Drive. The instrumental doubles the irony with film nerds having gasps over  Kavinsky’s ‘Nightcall' from popular movie Drive. Sharp delivery and poised melodies on the hooks dusts this off as a clean song. Give it a chance to appeal. 

Dam Native - 'Lick My Patu' 
This clip has been 5 years in the making, well not essentially but the wait bares on that time line for an official version. Since its release many reviews and breakdowns have been plastered around through all media avenues. A raw to bone, fist of salt inflicted on the wound track injures with intent with its fierce lyrics of origin bounds to both the homeland and Hip Hop's place here.


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