The Rolling Stones celebrate 50 years in expensive style

  • 26/11/2012

By Tony Field

The Rolling Stones have reunited with some former members for a hometown concert in honour of their 50th anniversary.

But the price of the tickets created as much talk as the reunion itself.

It really could be one of the last chances to see The Rolling Stones – and some fans were prepared to pay whatever it took to get a ticket to one of their London shows.

A seat right at the back of London's O2 Arena cost £95, while up front they were £1000 each (almost NZ$2000).

And that was before many of those tickets were resold. But it was a chance to see the band reunite, briefly, with former bass player Bill Wyman and guitarist Mick Taylor.

Ben Cragg paid £700 for a ticket – around NZ$1300 – almost twice what the ticket was supposed to cost.

“There is no more important band than The Rolling Stones and there is no one else I’d pay this amount of money to see, ever,” he says.

“I have seen them 17 times before, [but] this could be the last time. I've got the money – I’ve had to spend it. I've not been happy that I have had to spend that amount of money, but needs must and I’ve got to go.”

The Stones play a second show in London this week before three shows in the United States next month. There’s talk of more concerts in the new year.

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source: newshub archive