Trelise Cooper's Britomart fashion show

  • 01/03/2013

Trelise Cooper’s opening show at Britomart’s Fashion Sessions was full of patterned and textured fabrics with bright hues among the usual dark autumn colours.

The show was a mix of Cooper’s Trelise Cooper Boardroom, Cooper, and Coop collections at the Takutai Atrium in the Britomart precinct.

The models carefully negotiated the central stairs in their sky-high heels onto the catwalk in a range of dresses, suits, and outfits, always paired with a face veil. Many of the garments were familiar from last year’s New Zealand Fashion Week.

Layered fabrics featured regularly, often with a slightly darker transparent fabric over a brighter patterned fabric.

Many of the garments were made of multiple fabrics stitched together, often with sleeves, collars or panels in another texture or colour.

Sequins regularly embellished dresses, tops or jackets, and one or two garments were completely covered in them.

My favourite piece was a white chiffon waisted dress with blue sequin details at the neck, hem and sleeve cuffs. A golden dress with a shimmery skirt and beaded top came in second.

A regular trend was black or dark military-style side strips on dresses, tops and trousers, which could be a nod to the optical illusion “slimming” designs seen in the Northern Hemisphere autumn-winter collections recently.

Garment shapes included 1980s-style high waists and 1920s-style drop waists in both dresses and skirts. Almost all trousers were cropped trousers, and jackets and skirts often featured a bottom frill or a back pleat.

Suits were often in very loud, fluorescent orange, blue or pink prints, or a bright coloured jacked was paired with black skirts or trousers.

Other jackets came in gingham or leather, and some long coats and a poncho were in woven wool.

There were some pinstripe denim numbers which looked slightly out of place amongst the other more luxurious garments.

Overall it was a good indication of what sort of trends we can expect to see as autumn begins today.

The Fashion Sessions continue this evening and tomorrow, with Kathryn Wilson and Juliette Hogan tonight, and a range of mixed-label shows tomorrow.

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source: newshub archive