VIDEO: Xbox One console dropped into Kelly Tarlton's shark tank

  • 12/11/2013

By 3 News online staff

An Xbox One console has been lowered under water to be guarded by live sharks at Kelly Tarlton's aquarium in Auckland.

The new Microsoft gaming and media console is released next week and due to our time zone, New Zealand gamers will be the first in the world to officially get their hands on it.

Divers this morning lowered the Perspex-encased Xbox One into its submerged resting place.

Kelly Tarlton's 20 resident sharks will guard the console for a week, during which time anyone visiting the aquarium will be able to view it. The sharks are renowned for their pack-hunting and swim faster than dolphins and kingfish.

Exactly who will earn the right to claim the specific console at Kelly Tarlton's hasn't been decided, according to Xbox New Zealand lead Steven Blackburn.

Auckland's midnight launch of the Xbox One takes place at Shed 10 on Thursday, 21 November. Customers who pre-ordered the console through an EB Games store from Whangarei to Hamilton able to pick up their console at the stroke of midnight.

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source: newshub archive