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Wellington gets another AC/DC concert after first sells out

Tuesday 28 Jul 2009 5:12 p.m.

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By Charlotte Tonkin

The rush for AC/DC tickets has forced an extra concert to be added at Wellington's Westpac Stadium.

Some fans queued all night, undeterred by the cold or the AC/DC policy of one price whether you sit or stand.

The Australian rockers have been around for more than 30 years, sold more than 200 million albums and pride themselves on refusing to grow up.

And Sniper Alley, their New Zealand tribute band, say you cannot put a price on the real thing.

"It has to be done," says Darrell Burton. "AC/DC isn't a band, they're a religion."

Tour promoters say $160 a ticket is a bargain for the devout.

"The tickets are the cheapest on the whole, world-wide tour," says promoter Garry van Egmond.

And New Zealand fans will all pay $160 - which means in Wellington, whether you want to enjoy the gig from the comfort of the stands or sweat it out on the pitch, or in Auckland where there will be no seats at Western Springs anyway. 

Promoters say the one-price-for-all is fairer.

"If you take the Rolling Stones and the Police, those tickets went from $350 a ticket to $99," says Mr van Egmond.

"Money's not an object for AC/DC fans," says Burton. "They will find a way to do things."

In Auckland fans went old-school to secure a ticket, queuing overnight rather than using Ticketek, whose website overloaded soon after tickets went on sale this morning.

"I tried the online thing before and I got sick of servers crashing all the time," says fan Rosie Wharakura.

Forty thousand tickets for the Wellington concert sold out in three hours, prompting a second concert for the capital.

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