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Will Ferrell: Galifianakis made charming cheerleader

Friday 21 Sep 2012 12:48 p.m.

Promotional pic for The Campaign

Promotional pic for The Campaign

Will Ferrell has joked that Zach Galifianakis looked “better than expected” dressed as a cheerleader.

The two stars portray warring politicians in The Campaign. They have spoken about their most memorable times on set, one of which saw Zach dress up as a young woman.

“Oh, God. There was one scene where I was dressed as a cheerleader, wearing a live python round my neck, and thinking the whole time, ‘This isn’t going to end up in the movie,’” he recalled to Shortlist. “The snake peed and took a c**p on me at the same time.”

Will interjected: “And it didn’t – it got cut. He looked better than I expected, actually.”

The two funny men were then quizzed on their romantic history. They aren’t convinced the claim that women are attracted to a sense of humour first and foremost is true.

“You have to be in the movies for that to happen,” Zach insisted. “Women love a funny guy as a friend. But nobody likes a funny guy in bed [laughs]. It doesn’t work to say, ‘Remember that dinner party? I was hilarious, right? Let’s go to bed together.’ Plus, comedy groupies aren’t usually very… [coughs] You know what I’m saying…”

In the movie, Will and Zach’s characters both want to win a seat in Congress. The stars have thought long and hard about the route they would take if they were politicians. Will is sure releasing some shocking information about Zach would boost his campaign.

“I would point to the fact that Zach has a real affinity for what I call ‘spa’ music. You know the type of music you hear when you’re getting a massage? He goes for anything with pan pipes or flutes,” Will joked.

“I would point that out as being ‘un-American’ and odd.”

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