Worst Idea of All Time season 2: Sex and the City 2 announced

  • 20/02/2015

New Zealand comedians Tim Batt and Guy Montgomery have concluded the first year of their Worst Idea of All Time podcast project - and announced a second season.

The podcast saw the pair watch and review much-maligned Adam Sandler film Grown Ups 2 every week for an entire year.

This year, the boys will be enduring 52 viewings of Sex and the City 2.

Over the last 12 months the Worst Idea of All Time has grown in popularity, eventuating in the final episode being recorded at the Cinefamily in Los Angeles with a live audience.

Batt and Montgomery also finally watched the original Grown Ups for the first time in LA and got matching Grown Ups 2 Patrick Schwarzenegger tattoos.

While Sandler's sequel has a lowly RottenTomatoes.com rating of 7 percent, Sex and the City 2 is ranked a little higher at 15 percent - but it is still far from a beloved film.

"This time around the story is as slim and skeletal as Carrie herself, with much of the usual cracking dialogue feeling forced and laboured, the multiple costume changes reeking of product placement and luxury beyond most of our means," says Kate Rodger in her 3 News review.

"Sex and the City 2 is about someone else's boredom, someone else's vacation and ultimately someone else's desire to exploit that vicarious pleasure for profit. Which isn't much fun at all," writes A. O. Scott for the New York Times.

"The movie's attempts to downplay its unbridled opulence with throwaway lines addressing the poor housing market and 'this bullshit economy' are insulting rather than ingratiating," says Genevieve Koski on The AV Club.

It's almost unbelievable Batt and Montgomery survived 52 repeat viewings of Grown Ups 2. Will Sex and the City 2 break the duo, or this time next year will they be getting another set of matching tattoos?

Only time will tell.

Watch the Worst Idea of All Time: Season 2 announcement video above.

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source: newshub archive