Zombie short film flips genre conventions

  • 01/07/2012

By Alex O'Hara

Brain-eating zombies have taken out the top prize at this year's 48 Hour Film Competition.

Titled Brains?, the horror-comedy enthralled the judges who called it "hilarious" and "surprisingly touching".

They're not everyone's cup of spinal fluid.

But zombies chewed up and spat out more than 700 teams competing in this year's V48HOURS Film Competition.

“Our film is called Brains? and it's about a group of zombies and the zombies are the heroes for a change and the humans are the monsters,” says filmmaking team leader Giles McNeill.

FULL VIDEO: watch the winning film, Brains? 

They had just 48 hours to write, shoot and edit the film. Despite the pressure, the Wellington team came up with a winner, as long as you don't mind subtitles.

“They used the horror genre and they made it a comedy,” says competition founder Ant Timpson. “Then they subverted it by flipping the zombie premise by making it the zombie's perspective. But then they also managed to bring an emotional beat to the end of the film as well.”

The competition celebrated its 10th anniversary and won't be stopping any time soon. This year's winners encourage others to give it a go.

“Get in and make a film,” says Mr McNeill. “Make a film that entertains people. It feels great.”

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source: newshub archive