Another whaling season brings new water war

  • 06/01/2012

By Alex Bourn

Footage of a new battle between Japanese whalers and Sea Shepherd protesters has been released.

It was filmed from on board the Yushin Maru 3, who claim the conservationists are acting dangerously and illegally.

They are called whale wars for a reason; two sea Shepherd boats dipping and diving around the harpoon vessel.

The whalers fired high powered water canons at the two rubber boats deployed from the Bob Barker, allegedly breaking one of the radars on one of the rubber boats.

The clash happened in Antarctic waters at around 10pm last night.

According to the Institute of Cetacean Research, who released the footage, their ship was attacked for over five hours.

They say Sea Shepherd tried to disable their rudder and propeller with wires and crossed their bow over 30 times.

The Nisshin Maru is the main whaling vessel they are tracking with the help of aerial drones.

The Bob Barker is the only Sea Shepherd ship on the water at the moment. The Brigitte Bardot’s hull was cracked open after it was hit by a freak wave last week and the Steve Irwin had to escort it back to Fremantle.

Captain Paul Watson says it will take them a week to get down, joining the Bob Barker again and then they will pursue the whaling fleet.

Sea Shepherd says so far no whales have been killed by the Japanese fleet.

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source: newshub archive

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