Baby koalas pass first medical exams

  • 16/03/2012

Koala babies have received their first medical examination at the San Diego Zoo this week and were given a clean bill of health.

Less than one-year-old and barely out of their mothers' pouches, the two young joeys visited the zoo's veterinary hospital for a series of tests and x-rays.

Thackary and Milo were born last year in the Zoo's koala colony.

"It was a little bit of a shock for these guys, it's the first time that they really had an extended period away from their mother," said Geoff Pye, the senior veterinarian for the San Diego Zoo. "Typically the keepers will weigh them once a week, but it's a very short procedure for that."

The San Diego Zoo's koala colony is the largest group of the species outside of Australia.

3 News / Reuters

source: newshub archive