Bigfoot descended from Homo erectus, says researcher

  • 16/04/2014

An Australian cryptozoologist has claimed Bigfoot – the alleged mysterious ape-like creature that allegedly roams the northwest of the United States – is actually a descendant of our distant ancestor Homo erectus.

Rex Gilroy, who has authored a number of books on unexplained phenomena, also claims Bigfoot is related to the mythical Australian creature known as the 'Yowie'.

"Bigfoot has Aussie genes," he told UK newspaper the Daily Mail earlier this week. "I'm going to cop flack for saying that, but it's true and I have the evidence to prove it."

According to Mr Gilroy, the proof is in the two creatures' remarkably similar footprints.

And the reason no one's ever been able to prove they exist, says Mr Gilroy, is that Bigfoot and Yowie hunters don't know what they're looking for.

"The reason so many hunters have tried and failed is because they're looking for a big, hairy monster that doesn't exist. 

"There's a pattern throughout all of Australian history where the Aboriginals used to refer to it as 'The Hairy Man' which meant a hairy man or hairy woman… There's and eight-foot-tall male living around Katoomba for example, but most are not much taller than your average person."

But Mr Gilroy admits without biological evidence, he won't be able to prove the Yowie and Bigfoot are related – or even really exist.

"We need tissue. Tissue is the Holy Grail."

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source: newshub archive